Order form

Delta Raceway

Awards Party Order Form

Saturday May 4, 2019 at Delta Raceway

You can print this out and mail it in or email the requested information to racedeltamra@gmail.com.


NAME ________________________________________________________________________________


MRA # _____________________




CITY _________________________________________________ STATE _______________ ZIP __________


PHONE NUMBER __________________________


E-MAIL ADDRESS_________________________________


Tickets include; awards, hoodie, t-shirt, lunch, practice for Racing, and admission to the night race.

Hoodie size, please circle one

Adult XXL XL L M S Child L M S

Name on Front of hoodie _______________________________________________

__________ number of rider tickets x $50 each

__________ number of non rider tickets x $20 each

_________ number of extra hoodies at $25 each

_________ sign up for night race at $30 per class

_________ total sent with order

Please indicate what classes you are racing in. We can make changes on race day if needed.

__________________________________________ __________________________________________

You can pay online with Google Pay, send to arthurmabry@gmail.com, or mail a check in with this form to;

Delta Raceway

P.O. Box 219

Delta OH 43515

Questions? Please text or call Suzie Fountain at 419-206-2565 or email racemradelta@gmail.com

Please act NOW. Deadline is April 19, 2019.