Ironman MotoGP

The weekly Ironman MotoGP is a one hour enduro type event. The parade lap is at 9 a.m. for the big bikes and 10:30 a.m. for the 50’s, 65’s and 85’s. The parade lap gives racers a chance to become familiar with the course and to warm up.

The Big bikes are started in two rows. The first row is the Expert, Intermediate and the Veterans 50+ and younger Veterans classes. The second row is the Novice, Beginner and the Veterans 60+classes. Racers in the first row go to barrel #1 for scoring, racers in the second row go to barrel #2 for scoring.

The start is a on the bike, dead engine start using starting lights. The scorers make sure the racers are properly staged while the starter goes over the starting procedure.

The races are generally 10 laps, depending on conditions and racer ability. The halfway flag, the white flag and the checkered flags are given.

The track is varied terrain featuring off cambers, wooded sections, the night track, the sandy west end, woods and other sections. Changes are made as conditions dictate.

Race day awards, trophies and motopoints are given at one award per every three racers. Series points are awarded to the Scott USA Ironman Series.