Ironman GP

Ironman GP every Sunday thru October 15.

  • 10 a.m. parade lap for the big bikes, ride from 10:30 to 11:30
  • 11:30 a.m. 50 Stars, 65’s and 85’s parade lap.  ride from 11:45 to 12:30.
    *The course for the 65′ and 85’s does not include the sandy west end.

The parade lap is your chance to become familiar with the ever changing course. Barry always lays out a safe, fun and creative course using almost all of the entire track property. The track goes on and off the night track and includes wooded sections, sandy areas and just about every type of terrain possible. In one lap you go from hard hard pack to loamy sand. Expect every type of obstacle from off cambers, switchbacks, motocross track jumps and more.

The Big bikes are staged in two groups for the dead engine start.

  • Expert, Intermediate and younger Veterans go in the first start. Go to Barrel #1 for scoring.
  • Novice and older Veterans go in the second start.  Go to barrel #2 for scoring.

Just before the start you are given the opportunity to warm up your bike. The starter makes sure everyone is ready. When the green light is turned on that is your signal to begin the best hour you can have on a motorcycle.

It is extremely important that you go to the correct barrel each time. Upon your approach to the scoring area you MUST exercise extreme caution. The scorer will acknowledge that your bike number has recorded. The finish line flagger will display a half-way signal, then a white flag indicating one lap to go and the highly anticipated checkered flag.

Help up help you. Keep in mind at this event all the bikes are on the track at the same time. It is very important every bike have an unique number on the front and both sides. Also, please go to the same barrel for scoring each lap.

Once the event is completed we do our very best to score the race promptly. When the results are posted we announce the start of the 15 minute protest period. During this time we strongly suggest you come and check the results and let us know if you think there is a problem or if you don’t understand something.