Opening Weekend is still pending due to pandemic….😒 We did push back the order form due date to May 5, 2020 (at the bottom of post). I know that so many of you have been expressing your concern and your wanting and needing to be at a track and riding/racing! As we all are anticipating being able to make that happen for each and everyone of you. Facts: Due to the Pandemic as we all are keeping a close eye and by all means Barry has been calling and e-mailing and contacting as many officials as possible in regards to these matters. As of right now Ohio is a Stay-AT-Home Order until May 1, 2020. DeWine and Fulton County Officials replied with: “We won’t be opening soon; Barry, the Governor announced the Phase 1 today. I do not believe the raceway would be able to open. He has continued the Stay-at-Home order and no gatherings over 10 people. Please check for specific details at With that being said they have reassured us that with them opening up the state of OHIO they are not going to be opening things up wide open and we will have restrictions on the amount of people we are allowed to host in any event setting indoors or out. Along with all of these facts and situations we also, have to think financially smart about all the situations and the SAFETY of all of our FAMILY (because you are our family)! After great discussion and consideration May 9th is just not in the cards…..WHY (as we all palm to face and let anger and sadness fill our minds)…because running a business we have to keep everyone in mind when battling a deadly and serious pandemic. Legally we have to protect all of you in the right ways as business owners and have to set up things in advance without running the business into a negative without knowing fully what the true outcome really will be. I promise you all that we are just as upset, sad, and irritated about the whole entire situation as you all are. We wish we could sit here and say that by the end of May or first of June we will be opening but we cannot without knowing the real outcome. We will continue to update you all and soon as we know what is going on and they let us run at a full capacity. We still plan on Number One Plates for Our 2019 Motocross and Ironman Champions along with Hoodies earned and purchased By May 5, 2020! No matter what class you race in, Motocross or Ironman, or what place you finished, you are welcome and encouraged to order a personalized hoodie for $40. If you earned 200+ points in your class you have earned your hoodie! Please do not hesitate to contact Susie via email at or text 419-206-2565! We Cannot Wait To See Everyone This Spring! Order Form On Site Please Fill Out and Send in By May 5, 2020!! Thank you! Delta Raceway Hoodie Order Form You can print this out and mail it in or email the requested information to NAME __________________________________________________ MRA # _____________________ ADDRESS_________________________________________________ CITY _________________________________________________ STATE _______________ ZIP __________ PHONE NUMBER __________________________ E-MAIL ADDRESS_________________________________ Hoodie size, please circle one Adult XXL XL L M S Child L M S Name on Front of hoodie ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________ my hoodie was earned with 200+ points _________ number of purchased hoodies $40 each total sent with order______ Mail a check in with this form to; Susan Fountain 14111 Sherman White Rd Swanton, Oh 43558 Questions? Please text Susie Fountain at 419-206-2565 or email Leave a Voicemail if you call I work during the day and will get back to you as soon as I can! Please act NOW. Deadline is May 05, 2019

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