Another amazing season is done and plans for 2019 are underway.

Racing returns to Delta on May 4, 2019 for our 50th season. Be a part of the action as we celebrate another exciting season at one of the country’s longest continuous running Motocross Race tracks.

For the 2019 season, look forward to Saturday Night Motocross Racing on the 50 track and the big track.  Sunday Ironman every week May thru September.

Awards Party including lunch on Saturday May 4 followed by an long practice session before the first night race of 2019.  More information coming here soon!

Rain and Weather Policy

Rain Policy

The races are run whenever possible. Of course we are unable to accurately forecast weather. We use the following guidelines in periods of poor weather and we may vary from these guidelines at the promoter’s discretion. 

If practice and 1 moto is completed, it is considered a race. Full awards and points will be given.

If we don’t run practice and 1 moto, a rain check will usually be given for the racer and spectators.

We may delay, hold or cancel the event as necessary. Rain checks may be used any time during any season.

When in doubt about the weather, please check your local forecast. On race day please call the 734-497-7223 for up to date event information. 


Motocross Racing Class Structure

50cc Stars
65cc 7-11
85cc 7-11
85cc 12-15
85cc 7-15 Beginner
Super Mini 85-105
125cc 2 Stroke
85cc to 250cc Jr 12-15 years old
450cc Expert
450cc Intermediate
450cc Novice
250cc Expert
250cc Intermediate
250cc Novice
16-29 Open. 
Veterans 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+

50cc Track

50cc 4-6 Novice/Stock
50cc 7-8 Novice/Stock
50cc 4-8 Advanced/Stock
50cc 4-9 Super.  King Cobra, KTM SR, KTM SX.
50cc KTM Jr, KTM Mini Adventure, Cobra Jr, Cobra P3, SX Mini
65cc 7-11 Beginner
Big Bike 4 Stroke, up to 110cc 4 stroke and smaller, includes PW 80

Kids Quads.
The ROOT Rule! 
Kids Quads MUST be Stock Production Machines ONLY.  If there is ANY doubt about the machine, it is ineligible to participate. The Kids Quads classes are for racer and track safety. 

0-70cc 4-8 Stock
0-90cc 9-11 Stock

Ironman MotoGP Class Structure

First start and go to barrel 1 for scoring.

1. Ironman Expert
2. Ironman Intermediate
3. 16-29 Open.
4. Vets 35+
5. Vets 45+
6. Vets 50+

2nd start and go to barrel 2 for scoring.

8. Ironman Beginner
9. Ironman Novice
10. Vets 60+