Lets Go Racing!

Welcome to the new home page of Delta Raceway. Out with the old raceMRA.com and in with raceDELTA.com. Make notice and update your bookmarks.

The 2017 Program at Delta remains intact with a few minor changes and some additions.

Saturday night times are gates open at 5 p.m., practice on the 50 track at 6 p.m., practice on the big track at 7 with Racing at 8 p.m.

Sunday the times are now gates open at 8 a.m., parade lap for the big bikes at 10 a.m., 65’s and 85’s parade lap at 11:30 a.m. New for 2017 is the 50 Track Ironman Series. This 5 round series starts on April 30, parade lap at 11:30 a.m.

Awards Party for the 2016 Scott USA Champions

We start the season with our annual Awards Party for the 2016 Champions. Each time you race at Delta your overall finish earns you points toward the season Championship, sponsored by Scott USA.  These points are always posted at the track on on this web site and on the Race Results and Points page.

This season we are having a Party for the Motocross Champions on Saturday before the first night race and another on Sunday for the Ironman Champions.

All participants can be awarded a MRA Hoodie no matter of your finishing position, this way everyone is encouraged to be involved in the start of the season. All the class winners are Awarded number 1 plates along with other prizes from our sponsors.


2017 Awards Party and Season Openers


Finally the 2017 Season is HERE!  The action starts on Saturday April 29, 2017 at Delta Raceway. We will begin with the Motocross Awards presentation for the 2016 Scott USA Motocross Champions. Everyone is welcome to join the fun. No matter what class you race in or what place you finished, you can be awarded a hoodie and you can buy hoodies for your pit crew. Check here for the Motocross and Ironman Hoodie Winners and click on Race Results and Points to see all of the 2016 points.

The Awards Party and Season Openers are always really fun. Come out and see friends from last season, racers who are getting back into the action and racers new to Delta. Be a part of the fun, we will award the Scott USA 2016 Championship Hoodies, #1 Plates, Achievement Certificates, food, awards, music, friends, Sponsor give-a ways,  Scott USA prizes, Rock Auto Gift Certificates and Rocky Mountain Gift Cards.

Sunday April 30 is the first Ironman of the weekly 2017 Series. This year we are having the 2016 Ironman Awards on Sunday after the 65 and 85 race. Awards will include a lunch.

The Weekend Schedule is;

SATURDAY April 29. 2017 Scott USA Motocross Championship Season Opener

Gates open at 1 p.m.,

Awards and Food at 2 p.m.,

Practice for Racing from  5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Season Opener at 8 p.m.

SUNDAY April 30.  2017 Scott USA Ironman Championship Season Opener.

Gates at 8 a.m.

Big bikes – parade lap at 10 a.m., ride from 10:30 to 11:30,

65’s and 85’s parade lap at 11:30, ride starts at 11:45.

Awards and food after 65’s and 85’s race.

These are the prices for the Awards Party;

Saturday Motocross Racers $40. This includes tickets for the party, food, drinks, awards, a 2016 Championship Hoodie, a $10 Rocky Mountain Gift card, admission to the Night Race and Practice for Racing from 4 to 7 p.m. You can pay on-line when you order your Party tickets and race for $20.00 more, that’s $10 off the normal price.

All others attending Saturday, $20, includes admission to the Awards Party and admission to the Saturday night race.

Sunday Ironman. $40 for racers and $20 for spectators, includes awards and lunch.

We must receive your order by April 14, 2017  in order to get your hoodie personalized and your tickets in time.

Please ACT NOW. It takes just a few minutes to place your order! 

Click here to place your ticket and Hoodie order

2016 Scott USA Motocross Hoodie Winners

 2016 Scott USA Motocross Hoodie Winners

These are the top racers from the 2016 Season. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the Awards Party. No matter what your finish for the 2016 season you can purchase a hoodie and have it awarded with your class or pick it up at the Party. The Awards Party is a fun way to start the season with everyone there for lunch and Awards and then our first race of 2017.

Hoodies – The racers on this list below who will be awarded a 2016 Championship Hoodie at the Awards Party. When we receive your order form and verification you have ordered tickets, we will have your hoodie customized. Please place your order soon. For any questions please call or text Art Mabry at (734)497-7223 or email at arthurmabry@gmail.com

You must buy tickets and be present to be awarded a hoodie.

Anyone who wants a hoodie can buy one and have it awarded at the Awards Party. Please place your order soon as you can so we can have it customized for you. You can also buy them for your pit crew and others. When you place your order put the name you want embroidered on it or leave blank if you do not want it customized.  We will put your class and finishing position embroidered on it unless you specify otherwise.

We only place one order so please order by April 14 or sooner. After that we will not be able to get you one.

2016 High Point Champion
Anthony Sosnowicz

2016 Scott USA Factory Contract winners

A.J. Hussain 50cc Track
Christianson Cordero 7-15 group
Anthony Sosnowicz 16-29 group
Patrick Fountain 30+ group.

Hoodie Winners;

Motocross Big Track – Saturday Awards Party 

alphabetical order by last name.

Apt, Devon 85 Beginner
Apt, Tyler 85 Beginner
Bell, Jeff Vets 50+
Black, Richard  Vets 30+
Bock, Eric  Vets 30+
Carlson, Eric  Vets 60+
Carlson, Jeff  Vets 30+
Clark, William  450 Intermediate
Chasteen, Isiah  50 Stars
Cordero, Christianson  85cc 12-15
Cordero, Jesuse  85cc 12-15
Custard, Rick  Vets 50+
Davis, Jay  250 Novice
Fagerman, Allison  50 Stars
Fagerman, Jason  Vets 40+
Fahrer, Jared  250 Novice
Fountain, Jason  Vets 30+
Fountain, Patrick  Vets 50+
Frankforther, Dillon  Super Mini
Fry, Bret  85cc 12-15
Gelke, Tristan  250 Intermediate
Graham, Kevin  450 Novice
Gretzinger, Kurtis  250 Jr.
Heinze, Matthew  250 Novice
Herman, Dylan  250 Intermediate
Hussain, AJ  50 Stars
Jones, Adam  250 Novice
Hamilton, Brendin  125 2 Stroke
Keyes, Jeff  Vets 25+
Keyes, Tyler  250 Novice
King, Hayden  85cc 7-11
Klingensmith, Larry  65 cc 7-11
Kopp, Zachary  250 Intermediate
Krueger, Mike  Vets 30+
Lapinski, Paxton  85cc 7-11
Latchaw, Bill  250 Novice
Linch, Hunter  50 Stars
Long, Bryce  250 Novice
Massie, Zac  450 Intermediate
Mayo, Barry  Vets 60+
Meiring, Seth  85cc 12-15
Meiring, Zain  65 cc 7-11
Nation, Talon  50 Stars
Parsens, Karsen  65 cc 7-11
Patchin, Christopher  65 cc 7-11
Patchin, Robert  Sr. Vets 40+
Petrie, Austin  125 2 Stokre
Rose, Jake  250 Novice
Schalow, Ethan  85cc 7-11
Scott, Alex  85cc 12-15
Siebenaller, John  Vets 40+
Siebenaller, Tammy  Women
Sharrar, David  250 Intermediate
Sosnowicz, Anthony  250 Intermediate
StClair, Justin  250 Intermediate
VanDesande, Scott  250 Novice
Woodring, Nathan  450 Expert
Warner, Zach  450 Intermediate
Worrell, Steven  125 2 Stroke
Woyame, Kaden  50 Stars
Woyame, Kolton  50 Stars
Wozniakowski, Andy  65 cc 7-11

50cc Track

Brown, Zander  65 cc 7-11
Brown, Zander  Big Bike 4 Stroke
Carlson, Kelsie  50cc Super
Chasteen, Isiah  50cc Super
Cleveland, Halley  Quad 7-11
Cleveland, Mason  50cc 4-6 Novice
Colbert, Ava  Quad 7-11
Eckel, David  50cc 7-8 Novice
Fountain, Sean  50cc 4-6 Novice
Glatter, Landon  50cc 4-6 Novice
Hussain, AJ  50cc Super
Joqua, Brody  50cc 4-6 Novice
Linch, Hunter  50cc Super
Lucas, Chance  50cc 4-8 Advanced
Lucas, Choal  50cc 4-6 Novice
Lucas, Choal  50 TW
Lucero, Delsin  Big Bike 4 Stroke
Miller, Jackson  50cc Super
Ricard, Jackson  50cc 4-6 Novice
Robertson, Grason  50cc Super
Roth, Deegan  50 TW
Sanders, Carson  50cc 4-6 Novice
Steinhurst, Brayden  50cc 4-6 Novice
Varner, Karson  50cc 4-6 Novice

2017 Schedule of Events Motocross and Ironman

This season we’ll have night racing every Saturday night April 29 thru October 14 and Ironman every Sunday April 30 thru October 15.

The Saturday nights

  • 5 p.m., gates open
  • 6 p.m., practice on the 50 track, racing follows
  • 7 p.m., practice on the big track.
  •  8 p.m., racing Starts

The Sunday Ironman

  • 8 a.m. gates open
  • 10 a.m., parade lap for the big bikes – ride from 10:30 to 11:30
  • 11:30 a.m. parade lap for the 85’s and 65’s  – ride from 12- 1 p.m.
  • New 6 race 50cc Ironman parade lap at 11:30 a.m. Ride 2 twenty minute races.  dates are April 29, May 28, June 11, July 23, August 13, September 17, October 15.